Don’t Get It Twisted!

I am not an aggressive man. My first fight, which really set the precedent for all my future fights was in Jamaica. It was against Leo, Jamaican Chinese, tall dude.  He charged at me like a whirlwind, I just stepped back, kept moving my head, and waited for him to knock himself out. Which he did in short order. Then I helped him to his feet. My third best friend for years.

My second fight was in Canada, the fight of an immigrant,  I got an higher grade in physics than the blonde haired, blue eyed, teachers pet. Then Mr. P. accused me of cheating.  I wanted to throw Mr. P. across the desk, but instead I threw the closest person I could get my hands on.  Ernie O! My dearest friend for many years after that.  Love you bro, we had great times.  That was the day I severed relations with the education system.  Do not let it happen to you, stay the course.  Education is the key, let no one deter you.

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