Hebrew Magic

Why Was Adam & Eve Created, Created On The 6th Day? All of The Legitimate Responses Are Numerical. What is The ONE Number That Answers The Question?

The Spiritual Week of Genesis 1! It Is Invisible To The Naked Eye.

The Number Is a Strange One, It Makes The Week Disappear. The Number Is 2331 or 2337!

Now, According To The Calculator: 2009.3.27 (Nisan 1) to 2015.8.20 = 2337 Days.  Said Calculator Also Says That 2009.3.27 to 2015.8.14 = 2331.  However, In Hebrew We Make The Week Spiritual, Because: 2337 – 1089 – 1089 = 2015.8.26. More Importantly, 2331 – 1089 -1089 = 2015.8.20.  Why Do We Focus on This Day? For The Simple Reason That (666+999+666) & (777+777+777) = Present In The Garden of Eden. At (333*7).

I Speak Irreverently of Adam & Eve Being Banished From The Garden, However, We Cannot Deny This:

Son of God

Adam & Eve

Amazing Weekend Ahead #BornAgain ~

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