Greatest Gift

These Are The Two Verses Which Must Be Connected Between The Old and New Testament: John 10:27 & Psalm 79:13. October 25 is Day 1027, and Is Day One of The 62 Days To The Greatest Gift of All! The Gift of 37 + 25. The Gift of Eternal Life:761 + 266. Dividing Ten by […]


Sundown, October 25, 2015 Dawns Hebrew Day 219. Although We Are Still a Couple of Days From Me Answering My Own Question About The Two Verses That Must Be Connected Between The Old Testament and The New Testament This Is Also a Good One. And, Yes Indeed, 11 times 52 Is a Code, Intricately Related […]


Sundown, October 24, 2015 Dawns Hebrew Day 218.  End of Religion Week.  For The Record, If An Hebrew Year Starts In April That Year Will Only Have Twelve Months. Years 5770, and 5771 (2010,2011) Both Started In April.  Therefore, It Is Impossible To Have Three Consecutive Years of Twelve Years.  That Is Just a Fundamental […]


Sweetest Gift: Eternal Life Sundown, October 21, 2015 Dawns Hebrew Day 215. According To The Calculator 5.20 to 10.22 = 520 Days. However, and according to The Truth Which Sets You Free: 2014.5.20 Was Hebrew Day 50 and 50 + 520 = 2015.10.24.  Generally Speaking, If you are unable to use the Bible To Prove […]